Monday, July 17, 2006

So, I had a little contest...

I had a little contest going in the Etsy forums last night. I asked folks to help me define my style so I might have some fodder for my Craftin' outlaws ad. I let the contest run 'til this morning. We have a winner: Chromosapien, a fellow crafty Texan. She'll have her choice of one item, from my shop, as a prize.

In other news, I received a package from another fellow Etsy member! 12g copper wire. I've been waiting for this. This may be just the thing to get my creative juices flowing again. I also foiled 14 Loteria pendants for my Craft Promos promos - all for the Craftin' Outlaws gig. It's all about promotion for me these days. Sales are slow, so I'm using this time to get my name out there, in people's minds, for the busy season.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I found some stamps, but that's about all I've done.

I scrounged my stash & found some Australian postage stamps for the custom piece. I've sent the customer a pic & hopes she finds one she likes. I had better stamps, but alas... I've used them! The customer requesting a new pendant had already bought one of the older pendants - that's why she came back. I love repeat business!

In addition, I had a few fellow Etsy peeps come by & read my new blog. I had several very kind & helpful offers for Australian stamps if I came up short. I may yet get to take someone up on their offer, if the customer doesn't care for mine. Thanks to all!

This may work after all.

I'm happy with Blogger, so far, from just the little playing around I've done this morning. I don't have the luxury of time on my side to have an eye catching blog. Bless those that do, but it won't be happening here.

Speaking of my time deficit, I have so many things on my plate, I can hardly think. I've got to find some Australian postage stamps for a custom order pendant, get a full page ad ready to submit for the Craftin' Outlaws show (, get 50 promos ready to ship to Craft Promo ( - who's putting promos together for the Craftin' Outlaws show, work on my new online shop, and make more stuff.

These tasks are all on top of running my household, as well. What make some of these tasks even more difficult than they need to be, is my lack of PHP skills to customize my Zen Cart and the fact that the Outlaws ad needs to look decent after being printed in black & white. I suppose I'll just pull my hair out soon and let something slide. What I need to do is prioritize because I'm at the point of having so much to do & not knowing where to start, that I DON'T start. Yikes.

Getting the ball rolling.

I have 2 blogs at Typepad & never use them. It's a pity, 'cause I pay for them. I thought I would give Blogger a try this morning. If it all works out, I will close the Typepad blogs & work from here.

Stay tuned for further developments. I'll be blogging about my Etsy shop & my (soon to be) main shop.