Monday, January 15, 2007

Still iced over.

Today has seen the worst of the ice cover yet. The sun is shining, but very little has melted. Here is a view of my car from my side porch. That's not snow - it's solid ice. There's no driving today. I'm sure the roads are covered in black ice.
On a productive note... I've started a baby blanket on the knitting machine. I've learned the proper term for a machine knitted item is "hand loomed", if it was made on a non-industrial, home knitting machine. Hmm. Hand loomed. I like that. It sounds better than "machine knitted", which sounds like there was little to no artisan involvement.
For any naysayers against knitting machines, all I have to say is try it. Not only is it fun, but it's still tedious hand work. It just requires different skills than hand knitting. It's going to be great combining the two skill sets into a finished garment.

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